Danube Bike Trail 5 Belgrad - Black Sea 2015

Danube Bike Trail 5 Belgrad - Black Sea 2015

Book Title: Danube Bike Trail 5 Belgrad - Black Sea 2015

Author: John Doe

Format: Spiral bound | 200 pages

Publication Date: 17 Mar 2015

ISBN-13: 9783850002837

In this fifth part of the Danube Bike Trail series a 1,400 kilometre long, adventurous journey from Belgrade to the Black Sea awaits you. The legacies of a long and tumultuous history, wonderful natural landscapes and humble rural villages make this tour a unique experience. The Belgrade fortress, the Kalemegdan, the Iron Gate, the undulating hilly landscapes of Bulgaria and Romania and the numerous archaeological excavations and ruins of past empires are only some of the highlights of this journey.

For much of the way you have a choice of riding on the northern or southern bank of the Danube, while you can either ride the last section in Romania to Tulcea along the Danube or via the harbour city of Constanta and the Black Sea coast. From Tulcea you can take a river cruise to the delta and the mouth of the Danube at kilometre zero.