Cut Flowers of the World : Revised Edition

Cut Flowers of the World : Revised Edition

Book Title: Cut Flowers of the World : Revised Edition

Author: Johannes Maree

Format: Hardback | 472 pages

Publication Date: 30 Apr 2020

ISBN-13: 9781789241334

This full-colour photographic guide describes and illustrates over 350 different species of widely used cut flowers and foliage plants. Cut Flowers of the World is a user-friendly but scientifically accurate, quick reference guide to the most important commercial cut flowers, foliage greens and potted flowers that are sold in florist shops all over the world. This second edition has been expanded to include updated cultivar photos, and a new section on the practical aspects of cut flower production. For each flower, the following information is given: description of the plant; geographical origin; historical overview; cultivation; properties such as colours, scent and vase life; quality criteria (how to select for quality); and the proper care and handling of the flowers. Also included are introductory chapters on basic aspects such as cultivation methods, harvesting and shipping techniques, cultivar development, and modern trends in marketing.