The Irish Cottage : History, Culture and Design

The Irish Cottage : History, Culture and Design

Book Title: The Irish Cottage : History, Culture and Design

Author: Oddný Eir

Format: Paperback | 116 pages

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2017

ISBN-13: 9781786050120

The cottage is an indelible image of rural Ireland, a symbol of both poverty and romanticism. This fully illustrated book: â¢Examines the evolution of the rural vernacular Irish cottage in the period 1860â1960, exploring the subject in a holistic context and discussing how Irish history, society, politics and culture shaped the design of these dwellingsâ¢Examines the cottage as emblematic of Irish cultural identity, positive and negative, discussing the furniture and interiors of cottages, as well as the lives of the people within them, and exploring its depiction in art and its impact on artists who depicted themâ¢Is visually led: the text is accompanied by images by notable artists of the period, photographs and prints and this aspect sets it apart from other books which offer narratives based on architectural history alone. In addition, past books tended to be supplemented by grim monochrome images of the Great Famine and evicted families, which did little justice to the colourful and culturally rich lives lived within cottagesâ¢Although researched with academic rigour with sources listed throughout, is colourful and accessible. It does not seek to give a romantic view of cottages and is based on historical sources The Irish Cottage will appeal to educational researchers, tourists and people in Ireland with an interest in their recent ancestors, identity and culture. It contains approximately 50 colour images and 15 black-and-white images.