Willow Basketry : A How-To Guide

Willow Basketry : A How-To Guide

Book Title: Willow Basketry : A How-To Guide

Author: Judy Mallow

Format: Paperback | 154 pages

Publication Date: 16 Jan 2016

ISBN-13: 9781523394326

Through a series of easy to follow step by step projects, this book will teach you the fundamental skills and techniques as used in many every-day baskets. Clear instructions and more than 280 photos and diagrams will guide you through every aspect. Projects include 'your first basket', a simple bowl; a log basket; a garden trug; a potato basket; and a foraging basket.This book is designed for the beginner. Everything you need to know is covered, including guidance on sourcing the willow either from a specialist grower, or the countryside."Basketry is a rewarding craft. Being able to take some humble sticks and weave them together into a beautiful and functional item is extremely satisfying. Even after weaving hundreds of baskets, I still get a 'buzz' when finishing a new creation. The satisfaction doesn't stop there either, using your hand-made baskets for jobs such as picking berries or gathering produce from your garden, is a joyful thing." Jonathan RidgeonNote: The full range of projects are those pictured on the cover.