The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany

The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany

Book Title: The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany

Author: James M. Beidler

Format: Hardback | 240 pages

Publication Date: 18 Jun 2019

ISBN-13: 9781440354649

Delve into your German heritage! This carefully curated collection of beautiful historical maps of Germany will help you sort out the mess that is German history. With these 100-plus full-color maps, you can view German border changes throughout the centuries, allowing you to find your German hometown and records of your ancestors. Inside, you'll find:
- Beautiful maps of German states from medieval times to present, each selected specifically for the genealogist - Extensive histories of Germanic regions that will walk you through the country's long and complex past, from the Holy Roman Empire to the Berlin Wall - Beautiful, full-color maps bound in a hardcover format that makes a great gift for historians and genealogists - Detailed captions that put each map in context - Timelines of the events in each era of German history that affected boundary changes - A special village index that will help you pinpoint your ancestor's hometown