Flying Tiger Memories

Flying Tiger Memories

Book Title: Flying Tiger Memories

Author: Santiago Rivas

Format: Hardback | 242 pages

Publication Date: 14 May 2019

ISBN-13: 9780993260483

Flying Tiger Memories tells the story of one of the world's most legendary airlines, through the eyewitness stories and memories of its employees, pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and friends.

From a group of American pilots fighting in China during World War 2, the Flying Tiger Line is born, the airline who can do anything, through the golden piston prop days of Commandos and Connies to the Jet Age with the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8, Boeing 747 Jumbo, all the way up to the 1989 billion-dollar merger that made FedEx a global brand.

Daring tales of bravery, incredible stories of survival, and a lot of laughs along the way; Flying Tiger Memories is a collaboration between aviation historian Guy Van Herbruggen and author Charles Kennedy. It is an essential companion to the DC-8 & The Flying Tiger Line and Tiger 747 books. A lavish gift for fans of aviation, airlines, history, war stories, adventures, and travel.