Problem Solving: Colorcards

Problem Solving: Colorcards

Book Title: Problem Solving: Colorcards

Author: Speechmark

Format: Cards

Publication Date: 01 Jan 1998

ISBN-13: 9780863883569

This title offers illustrating problems and solutions. Illustrating problems and two possible ways of solving them, this pack of 48 cards is ideal for use in the classroom or clinic with children and adults of all ages. There are three cards in each sequence; the first shows the problem and the second shows a possible solution; while the third card introduces an alternative way of dealing with the problem depicted.

Problems and solutions include:

car broken down - try to repair it, asks where to get help
woman is unhappy as overweight - tries healthy eating, exercise
child is unhappy and bored - woman comforts her, woman takes her out
girl doesn't like her meal - leaves it, talks to the waiter
man cannot sleep - has a hot drink, reads a book
woman and girl argue - they sulk, they make up.

The cards are useful for understanding the need to approach problems logically, realising that problems may infludence later evenints, learning that some solutions may not please everyone involves, appreciating that feelings can influence the choices we make, and general language work.