Walking After Midnight

Walking After Midnight

Book Title: Walking After Midnight

Author: Karen Robards

Format: Paperback | 416 pages

Publication Date: 01 Nov 1995

ISBN-13: 9780440215905

The nude male body lay on the embalming table, battered beyond recognition.Gingerly, Summer McAfee, chairman, CEO, and sole employee of Daisy Freshcleaning service, reached out to touch an arm to reassure herself that shehadn't just seen the corpse move. Suddenly, shockingly, her hand was in theviselike grip of a man very much alive and desperate enough to take her captiveon a no-holds-barred run from cops, killers, and his own decidedly complicatedpast...

Summer's former life as a New York lingerie model had gone south with hermarriage, leaving her, at thirty-six, single and back home in Tennessee, on herhands and knees scrubbing other people's bathrooms. But the drab presentvanishes in a flash as she's forced to flee into the Tennessee wilds with thestranger she calls Frankenstein, first as his captive, then his companion, asthey run from the enemies determined to destroy them both--straight into araging passion that could only be the last laugh of fate...

-- "Ocala Star Banner" (FL)

"Pure fun all the way."
-- "The Detroit Free Press"

"Explosive and surprising... Once started, you won't be able to put itdown."
-- "Rendezvous"